Dear Constituent:
Having completed my first session as your District Eight House Representative I want to give you an update:
• Formed a committee of business leaders and concerned citizens from the District to gain their input on education problems facing
the state.
• Based on constituent input I created and submitted a bill to eliminate the current PACT system of testing children in our schools.
This bill would require a more useful form of testing that schools could readily utilize. This action was taken in conjunction with
a number of school superintendents to assure meaningful information was utilized.
• Created a bill to better define the term “classroom teacher”. A better definition will help to channel more money into the classrooms
where it belongs. This will also help to attract and retain qualified teachers and provide the financing necessary to do so.
• Exploring avenues to create an infrastructure bank to help provide state funds for school construction with disbursement being
based on population growth along with a poverty factor for economically depressed areas. This would help reduce the tax burden
on business and homeowners while still maintaining school funding at acceptable levels.
• Working with DHEC to save School District Four over $270,000 by waving requirements for a pumping station and generator on
their property.
• Worked to promote more meaningful and more equitable workers compensation reform.
• Have been actively involved with local fire stations, schools, and churches to assure their needs and the needs of the citizens are
being met.
• I signed a pledge to add no new additional taxes to the citizens of South Carolina.
• I have further pledged not to smoke, drink, or act in any unprofessional manner while in Columbia or while representing the
people of House District Eight. As your representative my duty is to bring your concerns before the legislature and assure your
wants and needs are being heard.
I want to thank you for your support and feel free to contact me at any time at either (803) 734-3038 or (864) 287-2009.

With Kindest Regards,

Don C. Bowen
1176 Embassy Drive
Anderson, SC 29625
Cell Phone: 864-934-3272
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